Our courses are accredited through ASDAN  NOCN and WEA. They allow learners to progress at their own speed with staff support.

Our Courses 


This is a new range of modules from ASDAN designed for learners with additional learning needs. The programme comprises of 12 modules that can be undertaken separately and built into a profile of achievement. For each module, learners complete activities and gather evidence to demonstrate their progress and skills development in particular areas such as Communication, Numeracy, Independent Living,Sport & Leisure, Meal Preparation & Cooking and Horticulture.

National Open College Network

Entry level certificates

ValePlus are pleased to be delivering the new NOCN entry level certificate in Independent Living.

This vigorously monitored QCF qualification is delivered in conjunction with the Workers Education Association and features a range of modules designed to support learners in looking after themselves and their homes. Units can be accredited as stand alone courses or credits can be gathered to form the full certificate. Modules include Personal Safety, Kitchen Hygiene, Personal Care & Hygiene as well as units to develop well being such as exploring art.


ValePlus works closely with the Workers Education Association (South Wales) delivering community learning in conjunction with Agored Cymru. There are courses for interest as well as the development of Essential Skills. Past courses have included Birdwatching, Recognising Social Signs, Glass Painting and Cake Baking. Teaching approaches include visual demonstration and physical guidance when required. Learners complete individual learning plans at the start of a course and a review that enables them to track their progression. Future courses will include Art from Recycled Materials and Coping with Bullying which will include visits from Community Engagement Officers from the South Wales Police Service.

Personal Progress

The Entry 1 qualifications in Personal Progress are approved qualifications, eligible for use in Foundation Learning provision. They are made up of units which can be into the following areas: Literacy/Numeracy/IT; Independent Living Skills; Personal Development; Community Participation; Preparation for Work; Units Particularly Accessible for Learners with PMLD.

Each unit has a credit value (1 credit is equal to approximately 10 hours of learning). To achieve a qualification learners must gain credits by completing their chosen units and showing evidence of their work.

Personal and Social Development 

Students select from a range of units available for PSD at Entry 1, Entry 2 or Entry 3 which include:

Working towards goals                                Dealing with problems in daily life                

Working as part of a group.        

Developing self                                           Managing social relationships.                     

Healthy living                                             Individual rights and responsibilities.            

Community action                                       Preparation for work.                                   

Managing own money                                  Parenting Awareness

Making the most of leisure time                    Environmental awareness

Using Technology in the Home and Community

Personal Safety in the Home and Community

The employability qualifications provide a framework for developing and recognising general employability skills.

The Entry 2, Entry 3 and Level 1 qualifications are intended for young people and adults who are not yet ready for employment but for whom a job is a realistic aim within a reasonable timescale. They are fully approved for Foundation Learning.

We can also offer support to learners on a one to one basis to help them try online learning experiences, this is in conjunction with WEA YMCA CC Cymru and is used to compliment practical training experiences in the workplace.