Activity Timetable

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9-30 -12-30

Sensory Cooking

Experience food through all your senses. Look, touch, taste smell and hear a range of foods as you make them into a variety of dishes.

Indoor gardening.
Growing house plants, taking cuttings and planting seeds is just the beginning. Work in our outdoor polytunnel if the weather is good

9-30 -12-30

Textile crafts

Learn new techniques, take part in a variety of activities to produce both large and small items.

 3D Art and craft

A variety of craft projects using wood, clay, reclaimed and found objects.

9-30 -12-30

Computer Skills

Explore the internet; have fun with apps and various programmes such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint and MovieMaker. Gain certificates whilst using different forms of ICT including I-pads, Android tablets and touch screen laptops.

 9-30 -12-30

What’s for lunch?

Practical cookery course

that involves harvesting food from our own garden, planning menus, preparing and cooking food, serving up and washing up.


Towards Independence

An accredited ASDAN course chosen by the group, involving practical, verbal and written work.

 9-30 -12-30

Towards Independence, ASDAN Focus, Agored Cymru Units.

Module chosen by the group.Complete activities and gather evidence to build a record of skills and achievement.

Office Skills

A computer based session involving letter writing, copy typing and information reading.

 Lunch 12-30 - 1-30  Lunch 12-30 - 1-30  Lunch 12-30 - 1-30  Lunch 12-30 - 1-30  Lunch 12-30 - 1-30
 1-30 - 3-30

Office skills

Find out about a variety of skills needed to work in an office and try putting them in to practice. You will be photocopying, laminating, shredding, collating, answering the phone and using a computer.

 1-30 - 3-30

ASDAN Focus/Towards Independence/Agored Cymru Units

Gain an accredited QCF qualification or gain certificates and build a Profile of Achievement. 

 1-30 - 3-30

Art and Craft


Learn to make lots of

different things. card making, model making and painting are just some of the choices available.

Group Walk

Join us for a walk in the local area visiting nature reserves, historical sites or just to get some exercise.

 1-30 - 3-30

Money and Number skills.

Lots of different activities working with money and numbers. Improve your skills through practical work, running a mini enterprise, using IT and maths based games.

1-30 - 3-30

Leisure and Sport

Come and try a new activity, or join in your favourite- choose from tennis, bowling, ski-ing, guided walking, football, badminton, basketball or boccia.


Service users will need to be reasonably fit to participate in some of these activities.

If you come for a morning or afternoon session you are welcome spend lunchtime with us.

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