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Delivering Smiles

During these strange times, the staff at ValePlus HQ have had to adapt and change the way we deliver our service. One of the biggest changes during this pandemic was the face to face learning.

We were able to use the platform Zoom and start weekly social chats, which has transformed into weekly Bingo sessions, weekly lessons and 1:1 training. Our students are able to show their work to us (which they love) over the webcam and as a staff team it is always a pleasure to see.

Although it is fantastic to see the hard work over a webcam, we really do miss seeing the physical work and effort that our students put in to every task we ask them. This gave us an idea, why don't we ask our students to design and write us a postcard! This way we could actual see the physical work and also stick them up at the Chapel and give everyone a smile.

Again our wonderful students did not disappoint and we have had lots of postcards back, over the next couple of weeks we will be posting them so we can share them with everyone.

Please see our first postcard, which is very, very colourful! thank you some much S.

Dear ValePlus
My Carers keep saying no in lockdown. 'no you can't do this, or you can't do that!' But it's not that bad as I can see my friends on Zoom, watch my soaps and DVD's, eat chocolate and put on my pj's early. We also do baking, walking, gardening and play games. I'm happy.
Lots of love S xx


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