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Fancy hosting an event?

January is almost over! Resoultion may have fallen to the wayside.

However February is almost upon us, a chance to set new goals and challenge ourselves.

As you know some of the staff at ValePlus are starting a skipping challenge on the 1st February to help raise awareness for ValePlus and you can get involved too!

You can hop, skip or jump your way through February with us.

Why not even get friends and family to sponser you.

We have attached the ValePlus sponser form that you can download and use during your event.

You may want to take part in our upcoming 5k sponsered walk. If you do then please get in touch with us at

If you are hosting an event, please let us know so we can pop it on our social media and help with your campaign.

We are always so grateful for your support. Are fundrasing efforts go directly back to our clients so help them with training


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