Leisure Centre helping throughout lockdown!

Welcome to week 2 of our budding bloggers initiative! This week our 'life in lockdown' blog comes from Rebecca. Find out how, although very much missing her friends and family, she is joining in with virtual exercise classes on Zoom provided by the local leisure centre to keep her fit and busy.

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Rebecca's story

my lock down has been very upsetting for me because i can,t not see all my friends. or down the pub for my birthday meal.And i do missed going to work down the shop called Nova ,vale plus with all the staff. i did some of my pack you giving me like colour by number math work and some cooking skills with my mum like made some cakes cooked dinner for all the family. Going out for a very nice walk around here.i have been doing exercise like bodyblast and body combat with my mum on zoom with andrea from the (Barry) leisure centre. I like doing this because i am getting fit and i see my friends pat and and mo. vale plus help me a lots because it help me to get a job one day soon.And i can,t not see my nan and grandpapa also i cant go up there to sleep. And it make me feel very upset also we see them by the window and i missed them both so very much.

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