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Raring to go with our resource learning packs

We closed the door to all our sites over 6 weeks ago now. Services users and staff from ValePlus have had to adapt to a totally new way of life. All staff could think about is how could we teach and support our service users with no centres open! But fear not!!!

On Monday 23rd of March (before the restrictions were introduced) the ValePlus staff team had a socially distanced meeting, coming up with innovative and practical ideas that we could use to support our students remotely.

One of the ways we have done this (which has proved to be one of the most popular) is our fortnightly resource pack. We have had fantastic comments from our service users saying how much they are enjoying these resources packs.

We absolutely love looking for new activities for all our service users. However, we could still use your help in enabling them to get them out to everyone.

Please see our fundraising poster below and ways that you might be able to help.


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