The Creative Crafter - Week 4

Hello and welcome to week 4 of our 'life in lockdown' blog. Our blogs come directly from our service users and gives the reader an insight into how they are coping during this lockdown period

This week our bloggers is Kiaran, Kiaran has been extremely creative during lockdown, making an array of different crafts including cardboard superheroes, painted rocks, a bird house and even a ring toss game! A big thank you to his Mum for sharing all his arts and crafts on to our what's app group.

Luckily for us, he has popped the paint brushes down for a few minutes and has written this blog for us.

my Name is Kiaran I Am 31 year old .

I go valeplus Chapel also I work in Nova My Hobbies is High Voltage drama group and gymnastics

Being stuck in the house is horrible. I feel sometime happy and sometime I feel sad.

I miss my friends and I want go back to work.

I miss my family.

I have been making windmills, talking to my Family on Zoom, lots of art and craft, going for a walks and some Vale plus homework.

I like when Valeplus Staff to call me Every week.

It is nice to chat to somebody different not my mum.

 I like the homework at the start but Now I don't  like doing it.

I like the scavenger hunt.

I love the Valeplus Zoom meeting on laptop I like see all my friend.

When the Germs have gone I like go back to work.

I want to see my Nan and Grandad , go to the cinema and go to the pub for tea 

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