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Kim's blog for her 10k run for ValePlus!

On Sunday 26th March I will be running the Cardiff Bay 10k. I do enjoy a bit of running but have to admit I don't do it as often these days so it will certainly be a bit of a challenge. I have started some treadmill running to practice and this morning did my first outdoor run in nearly a year, lets just say it wasn't easy!! Will try again tomorrow and need to keep reminding myself it's all for a good cause :) Below is the map of the run and I have to say all I can see is that pub at the end! I am hoping to raise enough money to purchase a defibrillator for our Barry site. Early defibrillation before emergency services arrive can help double a person’s chances of surviving an out-of-hospital cardiac arrest. Having a defibrillator on our site would be hugely beneficial not only to our students but also the local community. Our nearest defibrillator is a 9 minute walk or 3 minute drive.

If you would like to donate the link is below and if you want to come along and support on the day please do!

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