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Less than a week to go before Kim's 10k!

So last Saturday was my first and last 10k outside since I started my training and let me tell you I felt every foot step of the first and last 2ks. The positive I can take from it is the middle kilometers weren't that bad!! I didn't have a route which probably didn't help my cause. I just knew it would be up and down the Taffs Trail as it's right on my doorstep and it seemed an obvious choice. First 1 or 2 kilometers in I wondered why on earth I had thought today would be a good day to do this. The path was really busy with all the keen park runners, those people that obviously do a Saturday morning run because they actually enjoy it (I don't think I will ever be one of those!) After that I found my stride and quite enjoyed the sites. I hadn't been so far down the trail before and was shocked how close town actually was. So much so I went back twice, first I came to the stunning Cardiff Castle before heading back up and crossing over the Blackweir Bridge in Pontcanna. My second trip to town brought me to the iconic Principality Stadium, by this point the heavens had opened so a quick snap for the blog and back up the Taffs Trail for the final time. At this point I was starting to constantly look at my watch and I did wonder if I was ever going to finish! Getting closer to what I thought was the end I was trying to finish at the supermarket so I could do my food shop after 😂 Then the realisation hit me, I was aiming for 6 miles when it was actually 6.2 so my last 0.2 was round the supermarket car park! I finished at a significantly slower pace to a few years back but considering I was on my own I was quite pleased! I am hoping Sunday will be a bit easier with supporters and other runners and hopefully I will be a bit quicker. Please feel free to donate via my local giving page, any donation no matter how much will help us purchase a defibrillator!

Kim x

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