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At ValePlus we have been trying to engage our service users with the usual lessons and activities we provide across our sites. One of the activities we provide is office skills. However, with the office being closed we had to come up with a new initiative to ensure that the group were still maintaining their computer skills.

Introducing budding bloggers!

Each week, we have asked members of our office skills group to write their own blog about their time during 'lockdown'.

This week's blog is from James.

I have been very busy helping my mum in the garden mostly .mum bought seeds from Vale Plus and I have been helping them grow into small plants and then put them in pots in the garden still waiting for them to flower ,the sweet peas didn't grow I have painted the garden walls and he jetwashed the slabs tonight we emptied the shed it needs fixing .I have had phone calls to see how I was ,that I liked very much and the sheets that were posted to me I enjoying that .I go with my carer to do shopping for my Dad and take his newspaper every Saturday and I go with my mum to deliver Sunday dinners for our friends I am missing Vale Plus and every body there ,Mum says it won't be too long she hoping Vale Plus has got some flowers to sell soon but I had enough of the garden ha,ha


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