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Christmas News Report

We knew Christmas was going to be a little bit different for our students this year, especially as they all love coming in a sharing all their festive stories and showing us some of the wonderful gifts they receive. We knew that they weren't going to be able to do that, this year, so we asked them to become Journalist's for the day and write a report of their Christmas Day!

We had a wonderfully typed report from our student Kiaran! This certainly brighten up my morning after having the Christmas blues! Hope you all enjoy.

Typed by ValePlus Journalist Kiaran P

Christamas was a bit different this year but I still had fun.

I watched Elf.

I received a cd player , a Scooter and nintendo Switch games.

I visited my family on the Doorstep.

I gave My mum New slippers.

I ate Christmas lunch and party food.


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