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'Giving and not expecting back'

Giving and not expecting back, wise word from James' mum. Welcome to week 5 of the budding bloggers initiative. This week we have returning blogger James. James has had a busy few weeks, and has been helping his community. Well done James we are very proud of you.

stil keeping busy the seeds we had from Vale Plus have grown so maybe we will have flowers soon .instil help mum to deliver the cooked dinners on Sundays to people who are isolating I like doing that cos they are so happy to see us ,Mum says that's what it all about ,giving and not expecting back I like to see their smiling faces I getting to be a good cook it a bit different than cooking at Vale Plus i the best washer upper now I made the signs for NHS and put in window n door on Thursdays we use to clap for but it stopped we are keeping the signs up .I'm doing the worksheets that Vale Plus send me and the phone calls are good too the hot weather was too hot for me I didn't feel very well for a few days mum said could have a rest and sit in shade I made banana cake yesterday dipped in fruit cocktail juice and custard e

And took it to the people who had dinners they all enjoyed it Stil missing Vale Plus .the good thing I had this week was I could see my nephew Conner for his birthday I missed him very much ,please keep safe all x

Forgot to say I gave kitchen a spring clean when mum was not feeling good x


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