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Life is getting better

Week 6 - Budding Bloggers

This week is a new blogger Michelle, Michelle attends our Llantwit Major Training Centre and enjoys doing arts and crafts. During lockdown she has especially enjoyed the receiving the learning resources we have been sending her and participating in our Zoom meeting every Friday. The Zoom meeting have allowed her to keep connected to her friends from our Llantwit group. Michelle often takes part in our weekly art challenges and has created some wonderful drawings of butterflies and a donation poster. As with many of our learners, Michelle has adapted to a new way of learning, however with restrictions carefully being lifted I think, like Michelle, we are all hoping its getting better soon. Find out how our new blogger Michelle has coped through lockdown.

I have had a rough few months but hopefully getting better. I have been  hoovering and dusting the room I am in to go into my stepsisters bed room. I currently go walking in the morning and then I come back to mums and have a shower and chill watch tv and doing valeplus  work. I really miss my Llantwit valeplus friends and want to go back to valeplus. I have been jumping on my trampoline


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