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Walking through lockdown

Week 3 of our 'Budding Bloggers initiative is by Gareth. Gareth works at our charity shop Nova and attends the Chapel for training.

Walking, watching wrestling DVD's and washing the car are just a few things that he is doing during lockdown.

Here is Gareth's 'Life in lockdown' blog in his own words.

My name is Gareth I’m feeling fine but not happy with lockdown because I miss spending time with my friends doing my sport and going to ValePlus

I’ve been active doing exercises, going out for walks everyday helping my mum deliver shopping to relatives, dusting, hoovering and doing the washing also I helped to wash the car and peeled the potatoes for dinner. I like listening to my music and watching my wrestling dvds.

I enjoy my chat to ValePlus staff every week. I liked doing the clock worksheets and some work from packs.

I’m looking forward to meeting up with my friends going to pub for a meal, playing golf, going back to my clubs swimming and gym, watching football on tv also going back to ValePlus and going to Llantwit on the minibus for walks


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